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At one point, I wanted to include game reviews as part of my site to highlight my ability to look at a game and say “What works, what doesn’t and why?” It’s a skill every game developer needs to have if they want to be able to innovate and it is not something that is easy to do, not because pointing out what works and what doesn’t is difficult but because it is difficult to concisely and accurately articulate. Read More

While working on my current project I realized that, for those indie “companies” who are comprised of mostly first time game developers, finding the perfect development process is difficult and very different than the process of a triple A game developer. Most developers are not part of an actual business but just a team of developers working together on a product. Many times the size of that team is only one, and sometimes it is even less considering that the person working on the project can only dedicate a portion of their time to the development process and the rest of their time to something that actually pays the bills.

So how do you release a successful game when you have at best, a handful of developers working inconsistent hours? Read More

C# and XNA vs. C++ and DirectX

November 21, 2010

When I first jumped into game programming I, at the suggestion of a good friend of mine, learned C# and used XNA. I’ve built some short demos and tried to tackle some larger projects unsuccessfully (see any of my previous posts for examples) and have shown this code to companies interested in hiring me. And that’s the way it’s been until a few weeks ago when I heard back from an interested company requesting to specifically see C++ code I had written.

I haven’t spent much time (any really) using C++ specifically, though I have had more than my fair share of C and have tons of experience with several OO languages, so other than some syntax, I knew what I was doing. But I also have never used the Win32 API… or Direct3D and DirectInput. But what better time to learn than right when you need it!

Long story short, I am currently still unemployed, but I now have 2 programs almost identical to each other in terms of functionality; one in C# with XNA and the other in C++ using Win32 and DirectX. So having built the same thing 2 different ways, I thought it would be a good idea to talk my opinion on the differences of the two approaches and which I have chosen to continue my work in. Read More